Weighting options in Assignment Groups

Presently, "assignment points determine the weight of each assignment within its own group, and each assignment group has a 0-100 weight for the student's overall course grade." This works pretty well, most of the time. But some instructors would like to be able to write -- and grade -- quizzes that, while equally important, may be made up of a different numbers of points. One week, 17 points, the next week 22, and so on.

Right now, of course, we can tell Populi that each quiz is worth 100 points and do the x/17 and y/22 math ourselves. But that leaves room for error. So we'd like to request the ability to be able to say that, for example, all quizzes in the quiz group are equally weighted and their varying individual point values will be expressed in percentages.

Does that even make sense? We could, of course, be missing something . . .


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