Bookstore search and report upgrades

It would be fantastic if I could do the following:

1. search my bookstore orders by customer name, not just by order number.  If a customer comes up to me with a question about a purchase, I have to make them wait for me to find their order number - so I have to scroll through pages and pages of orders, or I have to poke around their student account trying to figure out which transaction is the one I need, or I have to go to my accounting software and look it up there (and that's only possible because I manually record my Populi order numbers there).  It involves a lot of guesswork and fishing around and is generally frustrating for both me and the customer, but if I could search by customer name it would be quick, easy, and painless.

2. see who has purchased a particular item from my item list.  Right now I can see how many people have purchased a specific item, but if something goes on backorder and comes in later, there's no easy way for me to pull up a list of everyone who has purchased it so that I can set it aside or let people know their orders are in - I have to keep paper records or shadow records in my accounting software, which is turning into just a ridiculous number of man hours.

3. see the payment method in the order list.  When I go to record a deposit, I have to hunt through every day's orders to find which ones were cash and which were card etc. - it would be great to be able to sort orders by payment method so that I could see all cash orders for the day, all check orders for the day, all card orders for the day.


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