Display Prefixes and Suffixes throughout the Site

Prefixes and Suffix Fields are primarily used for Titles and Credentials respectively, i.e. Doctor, Professor, Priest, or simply Mr. and Mrs. in the case of Prefixes and M.D., DDS, III, Jr. in the case of Suffixes.  However, these do not display anywhere in the site except for to Staff/Admins.  Therefore, students cannot tell what an appropriate title for any given user (whether a fellow student or an instructor/staff member) or what their professional credentials may be.  If we go through the work of inputting info into these fields it would seem appropriate to display it to the users, and even in the logs.

This is especially prominent in our use case as an Orthodox School with many different ranks of clergy as faculty, staff, and students.  Students are unable to tell what clerical office if any another user holds because Prefixes, i.e. titles/offices, do not display anywhere on the site, including in the users profile.  Thus we are currently forced to either put Title/Office information into either the First Name field or the Preferred Name field.  Neither of which is the proper location for such information, but is the only way to get it to display to our Students.  

As suggested by Fr. Ephraim below, I agree that the ideal possibility might be for the Admin to be able to select global preferences for all users in Populi, whether or not to display prefixes and suffixes, first name, preferred name, and last name.  That would allow us to customize our use of these categories specifically for our purposes.


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