User selected default tab

Would it be possible for us to be able to set what tab we want to be our default tab?  By default it just goes to the Bulletin Board tab.  I would prefer my default tab be the Student tab that lists my progress so far and has a link to all of my classes.  I have enlarged the tab with a red oval around it. As an alternative, could the Courses section be duplicated on the landing page "Bulletin Board tab" (circled in green)? In addition, it would be great if when you select a course and are directed to that course to interact, that there be a "Return" button to take you back to where you before you entered the specific course section, or at least back to the Student section, or the user designated default tab. Otherwise it is many clicks to get back to the Student tab where all of the course progress information and course schedule is listed (shown in the attached screen shot). Thank you very much!



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