Job Placement


We are required by law to track our students placement once they graduate (Ohio Nursing Board, ACCSC, State Board of Career Colleges and Schools, ACCOM, and US Department of Education). Currently we have been entering in this information and tracking this  in the students info tab under organizations. We actually need to track a lot more information than just the specific work place, position held, and dates. We specifically would need something to track:

1. If the student has or has not been placed.

2. Licensing exam passed or not.

3. Organization for which the student has been placed.

4. Placement status (employed in field, employed in related field, or not employed)

5. Employment confirmed by

6. Contact Person (name)

7. Contact Person (email)

8. Title

9. Employment date

10. Supervisor

11. Salary

It would also be very helpful to have a spot to be able to add documents into Populi.

This is something that has not been easy to track with Populi and would be helpful for all your schools since it is a federal regulation to track placement. I know we can add custom fields in the info section but it is very messy and would just make sense to be in one location.


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