Degree audit - adding custom fields

I’m thinking about workarounds for our issues with “check off” requirements and overlapping courses and was thinking about how it might be easy just to add an open-ended section to the end of the degree audit with custom fields.  Users could determine what the question is and what parameters the answers would be in.  In our case, we might have these for each student:

  • Has the mid-program review been completed?  Y/N
  • Has the maximum number of pass/fail courses been met Y/N
  • Has the integrative project for the specialization been completed?  Y/N
  • Are 9 of the 18 hours of classical division electives 700-level or above?  Y/N
  • What specialization courses have been completed (Field answers – open text box)

                    Because we allow specialization courses to overlap with other

                       requirement groups, I haven’t seen a clear way to do this.

  • Has the D.Min. portfolio been approved… Y/N
  • Has the D.Min. project proposal been approved… Y/N

And so on.

It would also be nice to have a comment section in the degree audit at the top so that the registrar could put warnings or notes to remind students about things that are specific to their situation.  (In my manual degree audits I use a lot of font formatting with bold, highlighting, etc. to draw attention to problem areas.)

Thanks for listening.  In my head this seems like a simple fix, but I know I have  no idea what it takes to do this on your end.

Thanks for considering!



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