Tag Groups

I would like to have the option to organize my custom tags into tag groups/categories. Then I would like to be able to use that tag group as a criteria in filters and reports.

For example, let's say I have separate tags for 3 different cohorts that began in 2023. I need to include all 3 tags when building a filter to look at current students who began in 2023.

If I categorized these 3 tags into a "tag group" called "Students Began in 2023" then I could add that 1 tag group to the filter and it would include students with the 3 underlying tags. If I then added a 4th cohort and marked that tag as part of the 2023 group then those students would appear in the same reports without having to edit the filters to add the new tag.

We could accomplish this by always adding 2 tags at a time, (and removing 2 tags at a time when necessary) but tag groups would seem to be cleaner and leave less room for error.


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