Adding a "status" field to the "add lead" form

As we look to add new leads to Populi, we've noticed an idiosyncrasy in the software that we would like to be addressed.

As it stands now, when we click the "add a lead" button and it brings up the form, there is no option to assign a status to this lead from the pop-up menu. Instead, the status defaults to one of the other status options without our control and we have to go to the new lead's profile, click over to the "admissions" tab, and then manually change the value of the status ourselves. 

This costs a little bit of time, but that cost adds up over the course of hundreds of leads. Instead, one should be able to input the lead's status from the "add a lead" menu. We would like this feature implemented. If this is somehow not possible, we would like for leads to default to the "prospect" status when a new lead is added to the system.

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