BULK Email One-Time Payment Link

I am seeking a new feature to be added to Populi.

Based on the format in which our school is utilizing Populi, and considering the broad age demographics we serve, I would like to propose a feature in which I can generate a template email to multiple students with their unique One-Time Payment Portal link included.

Given that several enrolled students (Adults) have indicated they are not Tech savvy, this has enabled me to manually send each student the One-Time Payment Portal link (a.k.a. Is Someone Else Paying For You?), via email. However, this can be very time consuming when I am emailing a large amount of enrollments at one-time with each having their own unique link. Meaning, I need to copy and paste the same email template AND manually paste in the appropriate link to each individuals' email.

Considering we have the ability to BULK invoice (via Data Slicer), among several other functions within Populi, I feel this feature would be immensely beneficial and prevent redundancies--along with potential errors (i.e. Copying and Pasting the wrong link to the wrong individual, etc.)

Please advise.

Thank you!


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