Filtering Courses on Degree Audits by Delivery Method

Currently the degree audit shows courses listed in course groups even if that student wouldn't be able to take that course based on that courses delivery method.

The idea is that a single course group could represent that topic across delivery methods, but students would only see the courses that applied to them.

So on the degree audit if a student was marked as a student type with the ability only enroll/audit online only then for course options he would only be shown those courses that had a delivery method of online or unknown. However, if the student had formerly been a campus student and had completed some courses then those courses that had been completed would still show on the degree audit. As they still would apply to the degree.

Some of the benefits:

  • Ability to transfer between delivery methods while retaining the same degree plan.
  • Specifically this allows for credits that might be only available in one method to count toward a degree without having to manually make exceptions if a transfer happens.
  • Having a single source of truth for a course group. E.g. there is only the need for one historical electives group not one for each delivery method.
  • I believe this would be the most intuitive result for the end user. In principle it works similar to how course registration limitations work.


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