Student Payments Tab for Individuals

We have many individuals in our system with whom we have no relationship other than that they have made one or more payments toward a student account. We want to keep these profiles to avoid having payments with unknown payers, but they are always in danger of being deleted during data cleanup efforts because there is nothing on the profiles themselves to indicate their significance.

Would it be possible to display, somewhere on Person A's profile, Person A's payments toward the accounts of students other than Person A? This could possibly be housed on the existing "Financial" tab or in a "Student Payments" tab similar to the one used on Organization profiles. If a separate "Student Payments" tab were used, it wouldn't need to be visible on a given profile unless there was information to display.

Either way, we don't need this functionality to display Person A's payments toward Person A's own student account (as he may not even have one), just Person A's payments toward Student 1, Student 2, etc.

Thank you for considering this request.


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