Creating Built-in/Preset Reporting for The Association of Theological Schools (ATS)

I am requesting that there be a built-in/preset set up for reporting enrollment numbers  to the ATS. Our school provides reporting to the ATS sometimes several times in one year. My feature request consist of the following four (4) reporting requirements:

1. Graduation Rates by Degree Program. This would only include those degree programs ABSW offers, i.e., Master of Divinity (M.Div.); Masters in Community Leadership (MCL); Master of Arts (MA); Doctor of Ministry (D.Min.);. We also offer, the Th.D., and Ph.D, degrees, as well as Iniciative Latina (Latinx Initiative Bachelors Equivalency).

2. Enrollment for Previous Academic Year

3. Enrollment Summary of Students by Denomination

4. Enrollment Summary of Students by Race and Gender

As has been proven with having presets already set up for The Clearinghouse and IPEDS, having  presets for ATS reporting would save time and make reporting much less taxing, and create the ability to process the reporting more expeditiously.


Kat Croswell



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