Weight attendance by duration

We have a specific needs to track student hours in two different ways: 1)in-class lecture participation and 2) clinical or lab hours. Ideally, I would like to be able for the attendance feature to work much like a "time sheet" that instructors can log hours for students.  I would like to have a set number of hours for each portion of class (lecture and lab), and be able to subtract time when students are late, I guess this would translate to be something like the ability to add multiple tardies to one attendance event.  For example, as I have it set now, a tardy is equal to 15 minutes, however if a student is late 45 minutes, I want to be able to give that student 3 tardies (the equivilent of 45 minutes).  I also want to be able to modify lecture and lab hours as needed.  For example, if lecture goes beyond my set time and lab time is less, I would like to be able to change that easily just for that day.  Right now, it's a little cumbersome with canceling and adding a new event.  So a time sheet entry would be great in addition to not only tracking percentages but calculating the numbers of hours (so I don't have to work backwards to figure out the calculation).  I currently use an excel spreadsheet that meets these needs, but the students do not have access to it.  We would like to utilize Populi for this rather than seeking out an external program that could do this.  I would be happy to talk to someone and share my spreadsheet to give you exactly what I want.  Your rep told me to make a request, so I'm asking for the moon! Thank you for your consideration!


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