Auto-Update Tags

I've got the best idea you've heard this week. Guaranteed. You've probably already thought of it though, but that's ok.

So when I run a search/filter (e.g. I pull all students taking DE courses in the Spring 2018-2019 term who are not auditors) and then I tag them (DE Credit Spring 2019), it would be amazing if I could make that tag auto-updating as an option. So whenever I use that tag (click it, etc.) the same search I ran initially is run again so the data is up to date.

Currently, since students are adding / dropping, whenever I use a tag like the example above I have to delete the tag, redo the search and re-tag the list in order to be sure it's up to date.

Wouldn't it be awesome if in addition to "Tag Results" you could "Auto-tag Results" or something. Basically it would be a 3rd type of tag (maybe it's similar to system tags, but I don't know how they work under the hood).

I know it's a great idea. It's like you found a unicorn today. You're welcome.


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