Online Attendance from Student Activity in Lessons

Currently, Populi will mark a student in an online class as 'attended' or 'participated' "When a student submits an assignment, starts or posts in a discussion, or takes a test, Populi will create a participation record for that student on that date."

We would like a better way to quickly track all online students based on their last date of attendance which pulls from student activity. I would like there to be a way where students engaged in a lesson, watching the media, counts towards active participation in the class and marks the student present.

Ideally, there would be a setting that could customize what counts towards class participation, perhaps even an amount of time watching media in a lesson. It is nice that we can go in and have instructors manually updated active participation by reviewing the time tracking section on the Course->Reporting tab, but would be very helpful from an early alert (student intervention / flagging) perspective that these active participation was automatic.


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