API call for requesting a CSV or XLS export of an Admissions report (similar to call for Data Slicer)

Again, thanks so much for implementing an API call to request a CSV or XLS of the Data Slicer (https://support.populiweb.com/hc/en-us/community/posts/360037804773-API-call-for-requesting-a-CSV-or-XLS-export-of-a-Data-Slicer-report)!

The Data Slicer API call makes it much easier for me automate a system integration project that would otherwise have required many separate API calls.

For this project, I need to export all Students who have completed an Application but have not yet participated in at least one course past the add/drop period, so that we can follow up with them. We plan to use a third-party system (AirTable - www.airtable.com) as our CRM for tracking this, since it gives more flexibility and third-party integration possibilities (via Zapier) than communication plans + custom status fields & notes in Populi alone.

In order to properly prioritize the Student records, however, we need to know the date on which they initially completed the application. This is why I had filed the feature request about adding the Leads/Applications fields, such as Application Submitted Date, to the Data Slicer (https://support.populiweb.com/hc/en-us/community/posts/360037855433-Data-Slicer-for-Leads).

Adding Admissions fields to Data Slicer would still be ideal for me, since the Data Slicer interface is more robust than the Admissions reporting engine. However, if it is difficult to do, having an API call to request Admissions reports with a particular set of filter criteria would also satisfy our use case, analogous to the API call that was just created for Data Slicer.

For now, I am having to export an Admissions report to CSV manually, and then merge it via either a spreadsheet program or SQL with the Data Slicer report that has the other data on the Students (since the Admissions report doesn't include any of the Student fields). Otherwise, I can't prioritize them on my call list by when they initially completed an application & I also can't use their Application Completed Status as a filter on Data Slicer.

Ultimately, in order to implement automation, it would be great if Populi either offered Admissions fields on Data Slicer, or had an API call for downloading Admissions reports as well. Otherwise, I will have to use the API call to request the Data Slicer report, and then request each of the Application Submitted Dates separately by calling getApplication for a particular personId from the Data Slicer report.

So, again, an API call for downloading Application reports could be extremely helpful for third-party integrations, such as mine.

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