Variable Rubric Scales (not just 0-100)

Currently, it appears that the rubrics only allow for a scale of 0-100. This is problematic when, for instance, our faculty have a 9 criteria rubric with scores of 0 to 4 for each criterion. Programs should be able to determine the point scale for an assignment and then the grades would be appropriately weighted in the gradebook. Forcing only 100 for any rubric makes for a rather unwieldy system.

For instance, we are adding a new program and I have a rubric with 9 items rated 1-4. It worked perfectly well to simply score 0-36 and then let the grading weights convert that to 100% in the gradebook. There is no clean way to divide 100 by 9 and get even scoring. And then faculty must choose a value for each of the rubric items.

It would be cleaner to allow flexibility in the Rubric total as instructional designers and faculty desire.

Are there any options I am not seeing?

Paul Pennington


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