Zoom Integration - Allow Faculty/TA to specify which Zoom account to use

TL;DR  We'd like Zoom Integration to include the ability to specify which Zoom account is used for each Conference instance in Populi

I'm sure a lot of you are becoming familiar with Zoom recently. We've put all our classroom courses on Zoom over the last few days.  We started looking into Zoom integration with Populi, but we've got a problem.

Once Zoom integration is set up, a faculty member can just go to the Conference portion of their course, and when the click on the link, a Zoom meeting will start based on their preferred email address.  This is *why* we have a problem.

We are a small school and only have the space to teach up to 7 classroom courses at one time, so we've purchased 7 licenses of Zoom to make teaching possible.  We've labeled them faculty-zoom1, faculty-zoom2, etc., and we assign Zoom meetings based on the course meeting time, not on who's leading it.

We have over 60 faculty who teach- a few full-time, but most only one or two classes per year at most.  We can't afford to buy 60+ Zoom licenses for everyone.

We would like to see the ability to specify a particular Zoom account when setting up individual Conferences in Populi courses.


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