Send a scheduled email to students from Populi

Would it be possible to add functionality to schedule emails to be sent from Populi? 

This is something we used to be able to do when we used Salesforce as our custom SIS.

Use case: 

Each term we regularly need to email all the students in all our courses at least twice to reminder them about upcoming live Zoom sessions.

This can take several hours to do, because of the number of courses & students, since we have to use Google Apps Scheduled Emails for it currently.

We don't want to use Populi's "Send an Email" feature, since we like to schedule the emails well in advance of the sessions (which are on different dates/times), but have the students get the emails the day before the sessions actually occur.

This same type of functionality may be more important for other schools now that everyone is meeting online - especially since I think currently your Zoom integration doesn't send out automatic meeting reminders.


If we had this functionality, we could just click on all the students in a Roster view, click Send Email, set a scheduled date, compose email, and Send. Then, it would show in the Communications queue, so we could track it, and eventually on the Activity Feed once sent.

Potential way to deliver:

  • Add a scheduled date field to the Populi email box that comes up when you click "Send an email". This would be an optional addition, like "add a cc".
  • The email would get added to the queue, along with the Communication Plan emails.


  • Implement a meeting reminder feature for your Zoom meeting integration.
    The former way would be preferable though, since it could be used for other types of scheduled emails.

Related tickets:

Note that https://support.populiweb.com/hc/en-us/community/posts/214259267-Better-Enrollment-CRM-tools?input_string=Send%20a%20scheduled%20email includes this, but this request is more narrowly scoped, so it could be more easily delivered.


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