Course Rotation Information

I would like to propose adding a field in the course that houses the rotation the course is offered in. Courses are offered based on the following:

  • Fall On-Campus Even
  • Fall On-Campus Odd
  • Fall Online Even
  • Fall Online Odd
  • Fall Every
  • Spring On-Campus Even
  • Spring On-Campus Odd
  • Spring Online Even
  • Spring Online Odd
  • Spring Every
  • Summer Online Even
  • Summer Online Odd
  • Summer Every
  • Winterim Online Even
  • Winterim Online Odd

NOTE: We will need the option to added multiple semesters. EX: Fall Online Even; Summer Online Odd

If we had fields for this information, we could run a report every semester to use as a guide when creating our course offering schedule for a specific semester. It needs to be on the catalog level if possible. We would only want registrar and academic admin to have permission to change field. It could look similar to how Tuition Schedules are listed in the course catalog information.


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