Make attendance compliant with NY state regulations

NY state as spesific requerments for attendance tracking:


Specifically these items:
126.4(e) Each school shall establish and maintain attendance policies and regulations, acceptable
to and approved by the commissioner, in accordance with the following requirements:

126.4(e)(1) An attendance register shall be maintained by the school and be available for
inspection by the department for each course or curriculum, as applicable and shall contain the

126.4(e)(1)(i) the room number, schedule and approved name of the course or curriculum;

126.4(e)(1)(ii) the start and completion dates of the course or curriculum;

126.4(e)(1)(iii) the time and date of each class, laboratory or session;

126.4(e)(1)(iv) a daily record of attendance for each student which shall identify each
student as “present,“ “absent,“ “late“ or “make-up;“

126.4(e)(1)(v) the name and signature of the instructor for each class, laboratory or session;

126.4(e)(1)(vi) verification of the instructor by oath or affirmation of the accuracy of the
attendance register;

126.4(e)(1)(vii) any leaves of absence;

126.4(e)(1)(viii) last date of attendance for any student who drops out or is discontinued;

126.4(e)(1)(ix) the marking period and grades for each student for each marking period,
unless otherwise approved by the commissioner;



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