API Call that Updates Student Last Attendance date for a course without creating a Meeting first

Currently to update students' last attendance date by the API (using updateStudentAttendance), you must first use the createCourseInstanceMeeting API call to create a meeting.

Since we are an online school, we don’t currently have meetings at specific dates and times.

For our use case, it would be much simpler if the API offered a way to directly update the Last Attendance field for a student’s activity in a course, which in turn updates the Last Attendance field in Data Slicer.

Could you create an API call to do that? Ideally, the parameters that we would like it to have would be:

  • studentID
  • courseInstanceID
  • date

That way, we wouldn’t have to create unneeded “meetings” via the API in order to update the Last Date of Attendance for reporting purposes. Also, we wouldn’t need to set the times since we only need the date, not the time as well.

Since the Populi site is already updating Last Attendance based on online course participation in assignments, quizzes and discussions through creating a generic meeting associated with the student's attendance, the API call could do something similar to this behind the scenes.

If your team could implement this, we would greatly appreciate it.


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