Locks That Can't Be Ignored

We needs locks to pertain to staff as well. We actually thought they did until recently they caused an issue. Our financial lock was customized to have one setting which is preventing the registration of students for courses. We have run into the issue in the past of Academic team members in the past simply removing the lock since they needed to do their part which is registering students. This then makes the follow up with these students much more difficult when they are already registered for yet another semester. 

Just now we discovered that even though we limited the staff who have the permission to remove the lock, they can just ignore it anyways because it only prevents the student from registering from courses. We need this lock to have the functionality of preventing ALL parties from doing what the lock is intended to do. This forces departments to address why a student is locked. Our students also do not register themselves so preventing that really doesn't serve any purpose for us. 


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