Attendance, Optional/Make-Up Days, and Calculations from Course Calendar


It would be very handy if there was an option to calculate a student's attendance against the total number of events entered to the course calendar (and not just against the attendance that has been submitted by instructors so far). 

For instance, currently if a student missed the second day of class, it shows as 50% and failure for non-attendance. However, if there are actually 15 total days of class, then they are really only at 93% attendance, so far.


Calendar events could assume that each event on the calendar is mandatory to generate the calculation. There could be a checkbox for instructors/staff to indicate whether any calendar events are...

  • "optional" - no calculation made, or
  • "extra credit/make-up" - these would be added to a student's total days present, but does not add to the total mandatory days which that figure is calculated against.

Please also consider allowing an option for calculations to be based on hours versus number of calendar events (some days are shorter/longer than others).



P.S. Adding a section for notes on the attendance pages has been so helpful! Thank you!

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