Edit auto-generated discussion grades

My students do weekly discussion posts where they write "comment" on a specific topic then "reply" to another student's post on the topic.  They receive a numeric grade for their comment, another numeric grade for their reply and a summation grade. Populi gives auto-generated grades for all three based on number of words in the comment and completion of a reply.  I grade for content and grammar as well. For three semesters, spring 2021-spring 2022, I was able to change the auto-generated grades for comments and replies to reflect the summation grade. This semester, I have only been able to change the summation grade.  When I requested support, I was told the functionality feature I had used for three semesters never existed.  Since I am unable to provide proof beyond the veracity of what I have stated, I will accept that the support staff believe it never existed.  I am requesting that it be put in place.  Thank you! 

Dr. Alton E. Sumner

Biblical Studies 101 Old Testament Survey instructor

Calvary Bible Institute


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