WYSIWIG in Assignment Editor for ADA Compliance

Your interface for the assignment editor is under par, from a student-learning perspective and a ID-build perspective; it's basically Dropbox. There's a tiny window given wherein the full WYSIWIG should be there. As a result, any info placed there cannot be formatted, and therefore, out of compliance with ADA guidelines.
See comparison: https://docs.google.com/document/d/19d2uHxrWisvInW3Ut_vKWnX37EgDUspI8t8edkHE4Ow/edit?usp=sharing

AND that's why IDs are forced to put assignment links into the WYSIWIG content area, because there, students will receive a fully ADA-formatted and fully pedagogically-developed assignment page. 

Support told me that ADA compliance is for feature requests, and crazy me thought it was the law.


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