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Welcome to the Populi Feature Request Forum Brendan O'Donnell 0 comments 0 votes None
Read-Only Academic and Financial Roles Joel Wingo 82 comments 122 votes Completed
Course & Instructor Evaluations Clint Nelson 61 comments 110 votes Completed
Custom internal and external forms Clint Nelson 38 comments 88 votes Completed
Custom User Roles Steve Sutcliffe 39 comments 78 votes Answered
Student course view John Miller 66 comments 75 votes Completed
Subfolders in Files Ernest Tako 33 comments 65 votes Completed
Conditional Fields and Application Components Patrick Friesen 39 comments 61 votes Completed
Add to Zapier Joshua Walker 46 comments 56 votes Planned
Merge profiles Emily Sponsler 12 comments 56 votes Completed
Transcript Request Ernest Tako 20 comments 47 votes Completed
Who's in Which Dorm Room? Joel Wingo 19 comments 47 votes Completed
Txt (sms) message integration for emergency notification Elizabeth Reed 30 comments 46 votes Completed
Which Courses To Offer? (Using Data from Degree Audits) Joel Wingo 36 comments 45 votes None
Program for plagiarism scanning purposes. Carolina Cordero 30 comments 44 votes Completed
Substitution and Waiver Capability for a specific course on the Degree Audit Rebekah Kaylor 20 comments 42 votes Completed
Enhanced Class Meeting Schedules (updated) Stephen Guinn 15 comments 41 votes None
Online Recommendations for Applicants Richard Wilson 19 comments 39 votes Completed
Add common interest groups (clubs) or teams Clint Nelson 27 comments 39 votes Completed
HTML Emails/MailChimp Integration Zach Bremmer 31 comments 37 votes None
Customize Student ID Cards Robert Damon 57 comments 36 votes Completed
Text from Student Profile Darcy Enthoven 33 comments 34 votes Completed
Master Change Log Joel Wingo 14 comments 34 votes Completed
Importing Test Questions Steve Sutcliffe 14 comments 33 votes Completed
Program and Advisor Variables in Letter and Email Templates Clint Nelson 20 comments 33 votes None
Master Calendar for Scheduling Matt Gillentine 16 comments 32 votes None
Drop Lowest Grade Ernest Tako 11 comments 31 votes Completed
Entrance Placement Test Josh Turansky 12 comments 30 votes None
Update the assignment submission feature Daniel Humphreys 12 comments 30 votes Completed
Creating a Student Portfolio Jonathon Beeke 25 comments 29 votes None