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Welcome to the Populi Feature Request Forum Brendan O'Donnell 0 comments 0 votes None
Printable Quizzes/Tests & Answer Keys Hannah Beard 44 comments 19 votes None
Implementing a Lock Screen for Students testing Online Jazmine Anderson 32 comments 26 votes None
Which Courses To Offer? (Using Data from Degree Audits) Joel Wingo 31 comments 40 votes None
Outcome Assessment Tool Paul Stamm 31 comments 21 votes None
HTML Emails/MailChimp Integration Zach Bremmer 31 comments 37 votes None
Creating a Student Portfolio Jonathon Beeke 25 comments 29 votes None
Grade Curving Mark Taylor 23 comments 7 votes None
Student Small Groups J. Ben Wiles 22 comments 15 votes None
Allow multiple evaluations to be attached to single course for surveys, etc. Dr. Beemer 22 comments 22 votes None
Cloning or Importing Individual Lessons Donna Harrington 20 comments 13 votes None
Tracking Course Evaluation Completion by Student Devin Miles 20 comments 13 votes None
Program and Advisor Variables in Letter and Email Templates Clint Nelson 20 comments 32 votes None
remove alerts Ed Tech Account 1: Andrew Wilde 17 comments 12 votes None
Separate Add/Drop dates to two fields Deb Selin 17 comments 9 votes None
Master Calendar for Scheduling Matt Gillentine 16 comments 32 votes None
Course Evaluation Reporting Availability Jessalynn Cornett 15 comments 10 votes None
Integrating with Office 365 Christopher Heady 15 comments 6 votes None
Enhanced Class Meeting Schedules (updated) Stephen Guinn 15 comments 41 votes None
Degree Audit - Course Recommendations Future Terms Melissa McGurgan 14 comments 13 votes None
Copy or Duplicate Templates and Communication Plans Paul Rauschelbach 14 comments 14 votes None
attendance sheet for semester needed for individual classes Bobby Mercer 14 comments 21 votes None
Add text editor features Kenneth Law 14 comments 2 votes None
Cafeteria Point of Sale... Ben Coumerilh 14 comments 11 votes None
Place to enter static information Robb Blackaby 13 comments 3 votes None
Student Option to Request a Withdrawal, Change of Program, etc. Benji Swafford 13 comments 18 votes None
Custom Feedback for Test Questions Ric Bruce 13 comments 6 votes None
Lead routing by program Kari Dorth 13 comments 10 votes None
Self-Check Function for Library Module Edward Estes 13 comments 10 votes None
View Arbitary To-Dos of admission representative Syam Kumar 13 comments 7 votes None