November 21 to December 2, 2016 Release Notes

Features & Improvements

We piled on a bunch of nice upgrades to Transcript Requests the other day:

  • Students not in your system can request transcripts now—great for those 1970's-era undergrad alums who are just now looking into grad school and who need you to mimeograph their old transcript.
  • You can do custom delivery methods now and then tie them to fee rules so requesters can get dinged for things like "rush" shipping—perfect for those mimeographed 70's-era transcripts that have to be overnighted to the Beijing Graduate Academy of Supply Chain Management.
  • The request form is now embeddable and custom CSS-able.
  • The request detail page now includes additional, salient details like financial locks, outstanding balances, etc. that might give you pause before fulfilling the request all willy-nilly-like.
  • We sprayed all the TR features with a new flame retardant, so we're pretty sure they won't be catching fire any more.

We added a new Enrollments reporting tool to Academics > Reporting. Actually what we did is replace the XLS export of yesteryear (which itself replaced an awful, inefficient circa-2008 report) with the reporting tool. Whatever the case, we think it rules hard. You can simply do so much more with it than you could with that stupid XLS thing we were making you use. Read about it in this article.

When adding a discipline record to a student, you now have the option of sending a discipline letter—to the student, to his advisor, and anyone else who ought to be copied on that. After adding a discipline letter layout in Communications > Page Layouts, you'll see the new options in Profile > Student > Discipline.

We opened up the gradebook, tests, assignments, assignment submissions, and discussions to Academic Auditors, because I guess they find all that stuff really interesting.

Did some sort of thus-n-suching to make the this-n-thats on some of the changelog report filters to go more faster than ever before. I think that's what the developers meant by that weird sentence I just read in their notes.

There's a new setting in course groups that lets you restrict a course from applying to both the degree and any specializations that call for the course, too.

There's a new comment field that's present in both the Record and Process a Donation dialogs. Guess what it lets you do? No, just guess. That's right: it lets you order a pizza that will arrive in 30 minutes or less!

Custom info file-type fields now let you upload multiple files at one. Hip hip huzzah, as they used to say.

We added Home City to the Data Slicer. NOW THE DATA SLICER IS PERFECT.


When we released that totally completely awesomely great Enrollments report we included a bug that totally broke the thing when you exported the report and included tags in the spreadsheet. Just a little extra something, y'know?

If enterprising students opened multiple browser tabs for the Registration screen, they could register for courses with schedule conflicts. We've instituted draconian measures to stifle their creativity.

The number of tardies = an absence setting wasn't being respected in the final attendance percentage tally in some cases. We taught the final tally some manners.

Fixed a dumb error that would make your mailing list look like it had no recipients if you double-clicked it too fast. Y'know, as opposed to all of the smart errors we make.

Stuck preferred name as a column on the mailing list export thingamabob.

The vendor field for Bookstore books wasn't saving when you clicked the Save button.

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