Working with incomplete students

Incomplete students are those who have not finished the work for your course, but rather than failing or withdrawing, are given some sort of extension to complete the work after the course's end date. Here's how to handle incomplete students—from when they're first marked as incomplete to when they finish the course. The storyline:

  1. You (or the registrar) mark the student incomplete by changing her status on the course roster.
  2. The course is finalized; the student's incomplete status is reflected on her transcript, degree audit, grade report, and anywhere else course grades are shown in Populi.
  3. As the student completes her coursework, you enter grades for it on her Student Course Summary page.
  4. When she has completed all of the coursework, you switch her from incomplete to enrolled by changing her roster status.
  5. Her enrolled status, together with her assignment and final grades, are finalized; her transcript, etc. are automatically updated.

Marking a student incomplete

To mark a student incomplete:

  1. Go to the course roster.
  2. Click next to the student.
  3. In the dialog, select Yes next to Incomplete.
  4. Click Save.
  5. Go to the Course > Info view.
  6. Click Finalize Course.
  7. Follow the instructions for finalizing an individual student found in this article(you can also finalize the course and all students...).

The student is now listed as incomplete for the course on her transcript, degree audit, and all other reports. Her GPA and earned credits/hours will not include this course in their calculations.

Grading an incomplete student's coursework

While not required, it would be helpful to give the student availability exceptions for her incomplete assignments. Doing so lets her submit work after the course end date.

As she begins to submit her coursework, you can grade it on the assignment page or use the grading interface on the student course summary page:

  1. Go to the course roster.
  2. Go to the student's course summary page—there are two ways to do that:
  • Click the student's name
  • Click Mark Complete under the red Incomplete notice and then Enter Grades in the dialog.
  • On the course summary, click Edit Grades under the assignments graph (if you got here via Mark Complete, the grading fields will already be opened).
  • Grade her assignment(s).
  • Click Save Grades when you're done.
  • Repeat these steps as often as you need to.
  • If the student has submitted all her work (or her time is up), check Mark Complete to switch her to Enrolled and finalize her grades and attendance.

    Don't forget:

    • Any assignments you leave ungraded will be counted as excused—they will not be counted in her final grade calculation!
    • If you do not wish to excuse an assignment that has not been submitted, you need to enter "0" for the grade (use the fill all empty grades with zeroes function to accomplish this in one fell swoop).

    Marking the student complete

    When the student has completed the work—or the extension time you've granted her is up—you'll want to mark her as complete:

    1. Make sure you've graded or excused her assignments as appropriate.
    2. Go to the course roster or the student's course summary page.
    3. Click Mark Complete under the red incomplete notice.
    4. After verifying her final grade and attendance, click Mark Complete.

    After you mark her Complete, her roster status will switch to Enrolled. She will remain finalized in the course, and her grade will appear on her transcript, degree audit (and other reports), and her GPA and earned credits/hours will be updated.

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