February 6 to February 10, 2017 Release Notes

Features & Improvements

Incomplete grading used to be pretty annoying. We de-annoyified it with some darn sensible stuff mentioned here and on the blog.

A new function in gradebooks lets faculty enter 0's for all ungraded assignments with little more than a twitch of the finger.

The new audio player unifies the streaming audio experience in Populi across all browsers.

The recent 1098-T updates help you ferret out bogus placeholder SSN's that make the IRS call for drone strikes against your financial aid office. We went one step further this week by preventing you from even adding them in the first place.

This was released awhile ago, but I'm only just now hearing about it: you [can/have been able to] send letter templates to organizations [now/for the past few months].


Printed student copies of the 1098-T didn't have dashes in your school's EIN. Several valuable customers' aid offices were reduced to smoldering rubble by the IRS as a result of the missing dashes (not really—these are Populi release notes and are not meant to be taken at all seriously). We made sure that every EIN that has anything to do with us has the dashes.

The IPEDS graduation rate was missing certain students who started with one degree and ended with another. Not no more.

If you were logged in to Populi, the application read-only link wouldn't work.

Did a few more things to make ISIR comment-code-catching more bulletproofer.

Something we did broke the date-of-birth field for a few days. No one could save them in Populi! Although I don't think this affected anyone's cake and ice cream, we nonetheless apologize if it did.

Another thing we did broke the email function on the Inquiries report. But yet another thing we did fixed it!

Grade reports weren't necessarily reflecting the Retakes Affect GPA settings on courses, which often led to one GPA in one place and another GPA in another place.

Refunds to students weren't being correctly calculated on the T4A, an intolerable situation made tolerable by a speedily (but carefully) deployed fix.

The Notify via dropdown on application questions was disabled until you fiddled with the public/private checkbox a couple times. No more fiddling required!

Made sure that 1098-Ts were counting courses that the student paid for and later withdrew from.

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