Using SAIG to download ISIRs

Here's how to use Populi to collect ISIRs from your school's SAIG mailbox without using the rest of the DOE integration features...

Enter your SAIG credentials in Financial Aid > Settings

    1. Go to Financial Aid > Settings.
    2. Fill in these three settings:
  • SAIG Mailbox: Enter your school's SAIG mailbox's TG number (e.g. TGA1111).
  • SAIG Password: Enter the Group Properties password for your school's SAIG mailbox. Remember that SAIG requires you to reset this password every 90 days. Every time you reset it, you will need to come back here and enter the new password. You can use this site to reset your password.
  • Message Class Download Filter: Check ISIR; leave all the other boxes unchecked. This will ensure that only ISIRs are fetched by the message filter—anything you leave unchecked will not be imported into Populi.
  • Once those settings are entered, scroll to the top of the screen and click Save.

    Start processing ISIRs

    Within a half-hour of entering the above information, Populi will start checking your SAIG mailbox for ISIRs. When it finds one in your mailbox, Populi will import it for your review and processing. You can find these ISIRs in two places:

      • In Financial Aid > DOE > SAIG Log. Click View ISIRs to begin processing the file batches.
      • In Financial Aid > Aid Applications > ISIRs. This report shows you all the ISIR batches you have—whether you uploaded them manually or received them via SAIG.

      Once you've found the batch files, you can begin processing them.

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