October 2 to October 6, 2017 Release Notes

Features & Improvements

The Leads, Inquiries, and Applications reports in Admissions now have a bulk Assign Representative action. It lets you assign the same representative to all the applicants/items shown on the report at the time. This article describes how to use the new feature.

Partial credit on online test questions now lets you choose anywhere from 0 - 100%.

The big one you've all been waiting for: now all the checkboxes in Financial > Billing > Current > Student Balances are all checked... by default!!!!!!!!!!!

To the Accounts > Reporting > Changes report, we added the answer to this question: "Who deleted this account from our Chart of Accounts?"


Fixed up a few permissions items in courses to make sure that Academic Admins and Registrars who are also Students have access to all the student features—like peer rating in assignments.

We now make sure to inject "856" links imported via Z39.50 servers into a library resource's Links field.

We stopped letting you delete programs that have students enrolled in them. Don't know why we let you do that in the first place.

Hey, turns out we were hiding all the Clinical Hours settings described in this article from regular users. What a fun prank!

Tweaked the pagination on multi-page Academics reports so that the results counter always gives you an accurate number of results if you selected a different term in the drop-down.

No idea how we actually discovered this was the case, but discover it we did: In the IPEDS reports, if students are counted in the Retention prior year cohort but are not in the current year data they don't show under Data used to generate this report.

Lengthy course names were being cut off on course rosters. No longer.

Reports in Donations weren't pulling primary email addresses for organizations, which is just awful.

Fixed some bugs with the comments closed dates in discussions that would close comments ahead of the actual closed date.

Made sure to always send the student an email for a test availability exception; sometimes we wouldn't if the exception took place IN THE FUTURE.

Fixed some enrollment change errors in the Financial Aid Enrollment Status email updates we like to send out.

If you were auditing a course that's a corequisite of a course that you were enrolling in—but then removed/withdrew from that course, Populi would also remove you from the course you were auditing.

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