Using annotations when grading essay and file assignments

When grading essay- and file-type assignments, you can use the document viewer's annotation tools to leave notes right on the submission.

  1. Go to the assignment's page. If it's an essay assignment, you'll see the student's submission right on the page. If it's a file assignment, click the file name to open it in the document viewer.
  2. Click to start annotating.
  3. Click and drag over the text you'd like to annotate or click a point; enter your comments and click Save.
  4. Repeat these steps as often as you need.
  5. To edit or delete an annotation, click the highlight to open the annotation dialog.
  6. When you're finished annotating, click .
  7. Hide/show annotation highlights by clicking /.

As soon as you save an annotation, the student will be able to see it when he logs in and views that assignment submission.

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