Duplicating assignments

In this article, you'll learn how to duplicate assignments. Duplicating assignments lets you create one or more copies of an existing assignment, saving you time when creating multiple versions of a common assignment—for example, a grade-only assignment that marks whether a student completed the weekly readings for the course.

Duplicating assignments

You can duplicate any assignment you have already created.

  1. In the Course > Assignments view, click Add assignments and select Duplicate an assignment.
  2. Choose which assignment you'd like to duplicate.
  3. Enter the number of duplicates you'd like to make.
  4. Enter an optional name for the new assignment(s).
    • If you don't enter a name, the new assignment will bear the name of the original with (1) appended.
    • If you create multiples of an assignment, it will append a sequential number to the end of each assignment ((2), (3), (4), etc.
    • You can enter {number:start=1} anywhere in the new assignment name to insert a sequential number. Enter the number you'd like the counter to begin at—to start at 2, for example, enter {number:start=2}. If duplicating, say, Week 1 Reading, you'd enter Week {number:start=2} Reading.
  5. When you're done, click Save.

After duplicating assignments:

  • All aspects of the assignment will be copied to the new assignment(s)—due dates (see below), rubrics, descriptions, various settings like published Yes/No, availability dates, and so on. Assignment content will not be copied.
  • Any of these assignments can, in turn, be duplicated themselves.
  • Duplicated tests will be in Draft mode; questions will not have been copied over.
  • You can edit assignment details on the assignment's page. If you've made a bunch of duplicates, use the Edit groups and assignments feature on the main Assignments view—which'll be especially handy for updating due dates...
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