February 22 to February 26, 2021 Release Notes

Features & Improvements

You can now duplicate assignments in your Populi courses. (If you don't want to spend a bunch of time reading this release note or the knowledge base article, have a look at the time-saving video, below.)

Percentage-based financial aid awards let you auto-calculate an award amount as a percentage of a student's charges. Here's a help article on the subject, perfect for the beach or the home library or the platform waiting for the commuter train—wherever you like to get your reading done.

The people importer in Contacts has new options that let you use data from your import to update existing leads.

You can now add test availability exceptions for test students when using the Student View in courses.

If you can't get enough of lesson availability dates, well, now we let you clone those dates. We're all about instant gratification around here.

A new setting lets you hide the COA summary from the student view of aid applications. A future update may add a setting to let you replace the COA summary with a rotating AI-driven selection of humorous, topical GIFS to help you better engage aid applicants. But don't sit around holding your breath waiting for that one. We're spending at least ten years debating the ethical implications of artificial intelligence before we start building that one.

Added a new option or two to let you remove 0-grades from mean and standard deviation in course reporting. Considered sticking the COA summary in there as well but that turned out to be a dumb idea.

Fixed up a few things with IPEDS reporting to better handle CARES Act/HEERF funds, removing it from some spots and adding it to others.


Found a few issues with our mobile apps that could cause your device to continue getting push notifications even after logging out. The worst part was that most of the notifications were for super shady dry cleaning discounts that were clearly some kind of bitcoin fraud operation.

If you had your browser's cross-site tracking features fully-armed and operational like a cookie- and tracker-exploding Death Star, it could mess with localizations for embedded forms (like applications, donation forms, et. al.).

Fixed up some stuff with tag searching that wouldn't let you find certain tags if you typed out their entire names.

T2202A forms were counting withdrawn courses among the courses that constitute the full-time calculation. This error led to a Canadian currency crisis, a stock market crash, and the sale of the city of Hamilton, ON to a private equity group.


In case you didn't have time to read the release note about duplicate assignments, here's a two-minute video about the new feature:

New users might like to learn how to log in to Populi for the first time (and seasoned users might like a refresher or a trip down memory lane to the first time they logged in...):

Here's how to use the new version of login approvals that relies on a code generated by an authenticator app:

And if you're in that blessed state of grace in which you don't own or use a smartphone, here's how to use login approvals with a desktop authenticator app:

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