Pass/Fail Assignments

In this article, we'll take a look at Pass/Fail assignments.

As opposed to regular assignments, which give you the option of selecting a letter or numeric grade, Pass/Fail assignments let you select either Pass or Fail for the student's assignment grade. Just as regular assignments are graded according to the regular grade scale, Pass/Fail assignments give you the grading options established in your school's Pass/Fail grade scale. Usually, this is some variation of Pass/P or Fail/F, but your school might have other options to choose from.

As with courses that are graded Pass/Fail—where passing grades do not affect a student's GPA but a failing grade does—a passing grade for a P/F assignment will not positively affect a student's course grade, while a failing grade will count against it.

Setting up a Pass/Fail Assignment

When you're adding a new assignment, check the Pass/Fail box to designate an assignment as such.

Grading a Pass/Fail Assignment

When grading Pass/Fail assignments, all the usual usual options will be available to you, save for your grading options: you'll be limited to what's available in your school's Pass/Fail grade scale.

  • If you're using a rubric, when the assignment points are above the P/F grade scale's failing threshold, the student will receive a Pass; if below the threshold, they'll receive a Fail.
  • Likewise for any sort of automatically-graded assignment—a graded discussion or a test consisting of automatically-graded questions, et. al.—Populi will look to the P/F grade scale's failing threshold to determine whether the student gets a Pass or Fail for a grade.
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