Step eight: add and enroll students

The Student role enables Populi to track academic information for a person. The role lets a person enroll in or audit courses and triggers Populi to begin recording their academic history.

Setting up student users

To get your students ready to use Populi...

  1. Find the person who needs the student role. If you can't find him, you may need to add a new person.
  2. Follow the instructions in this article to add the Student role to the user. When you do this, you'll see the Student tab on his profile.
  3. On his Profile > Info tab, make sure you have a valid email address entered for him.
  4. Grant him user access to Populi.

If we imported your legacy academic data, look over some of the students we imported for you to get a sense of how a detailed student profile will look when you're fully up-and-running.

Enrolling students in courses

There are three ways you can enroll students in courses:

  • Set up online enrollment. This lets students register themselves; Registrars, Academic Admins, and Advisors can also register students using this means. Online enrollment respects prerequisites, waiting lists, and registration locks.
  • On the student's profile, you can edit his courses for any academic term. This method lets you work around prereqs, waiting lists, and account locks.
  • On the course roster, you can add students one at a time or several at a time.

Next: set up course evaluations...

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