Populi Support: how to contact us and what we can do for you

Support hours are 6 AM to 5 PM Pacific Time, Monday through Friday (excluding major holidays).

If you need help using Populi or would like to report a problem, get a hold of Populi Support. Here's how we can help you:

Knowledge Base

The Populi Knowledge Base includes tutorials, how-to's, reference articles, and getting-started guides for every area of Populi for every kind of user—students, faculty, and staff. See below for an overview of what's covered in it.

Support requests

If you need help with a particular matter, write us a support request via email or by using this simple form. You can ask us how to use Populi, get a second pair of eyes on something you don't understand, find help with how to use Populi to handle a situation at your school... and, of course, to report any issues with the software!

  • You can update your requests using email or by accessing your open requests in this help system.
  • Requests submitted during regular support hours can generally expect a reply within an hour or two. Outside of regular support hours, replies typically take a bit longer.

Feature requests

Do you have an idea for how to make Populi better? Submit a Feature Request. This puts your idea in front of not only us but all of our users. You can also weigh in on ideas submitted by other users and help us identify features that would benefit the most people.

User forum

The Populi User Forum lets our users pose questions about best practices, school policies, workflow ideas, and so on—basically, anything having to do with running your school (including how to use Populi to make that happen).

Phone support

We also offer phone support for staff and faculty during regular support hours:

  • Call 877-476-7854.
  • If you call outside support hours, you can leave a voicemail.
  • Some issues may require more extensive troubleshooting; in such cases, we may open a support ticket and address your issue that way.

New to Populi?

Scan the list below to find the sections of the Knowledge Base that cover the areas you'll be working in:

The Basics include basic navigation, Home, Email, Calendar, and Files.

Staff topics include adding people, organizations, communications, and campus life.

Academics covers all academic functions in Populi.

Admissions topics include communicating with inquiries and leads, setting up and processing applications, and accepting students.

Financial topics include student billing, accounting, and reporting—and Donations. You may also want to take a look at Bookstore and Campus Life, which both require some setup on the financial side.

Financial Aid covers setting up, disbursing, and refunding financial aid awards, plus aid applications and reporting.

Faculty articles describe how to manage individual courses (assignments, tests, grades, attendance, etc.). Faculty advisors might also be interested in the section covering Advising.

Library covers all the functions in Populi Library—including catalog management, resource loans, patron management, search, and more.

Bookstore instructs you how to set up Populi Bookstore (including getting your school set up to accept credit card payments through Populi) and manage day-to-day orders, sales, inventory management, and reporting.

Student tutorials cover what students can access and do, including interacting with courses, viewing their profiles, and making payments.

Developer includes guides to the Populi API and its SSO capabilities.

Release Notes are published every Friday with details about the previous week's Populi updates.

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