How to apply posted aid/payments/credits to invoices covered by pending aid

Have you ever found yourself in the situation demonstrated by the screenshot below? This sample person has several unpaid invoices. They also have some unapplied aid/payments/credits. However, its not possible to apply the available payment to the unpaid invoices. Why not?


The answer is pending aid. When scheduling an aid payment, you can also indicate which invoice the aid will be applied to. If other awards/payments are posted first, you may end up in a situation where an unpaid invoice is covered by the aid that is still pending, which means you can't apply other available payments/credits.

You can leave accounts like this "as is" if you don't mind waiting for the pending aid to come in. However, if you'd rather unapply the pending aid so that you can apply the available payments/credits to this invoice, heres how:

Step 1: Locate the pending aid that needs to be unapplied

You can find the student's scheduled aid on the Financial Aid tab of their profile.

  1. Go to the Financial Aid tab of the student's profile
  2. Look at the Status column to locate awards that are still Scheduled

Step 2: Unapply the scheduled aid

Use the pencil edit icon to change where scheduled aid is applied.

  1. Click on the pencil icon next to each scheduled award
  2. Find the award that has amounts listed in the "Apply This Award" field
  3. Adjust those amounts down to $0 and click "Save"

Step 3: Apply unapplied aid/payments/credits

Now that your unpaid invoices have been freed up, you can apply unapplied payments/credits to cover them.

  1. Go back to Financial > Dashboard on the student's profile
  2. Click the Apply link that shows up next to the unapplied payment/credit
  3. Indicate how much you want to apply in the Pay Now field and click Save

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