Donation pages

Pages let you collect online donations. You can send donors directly to a page's unique URL, or you can embed the page within another web property. Pages can be connected to individual campaigns and appeals, which helps you track which fundraising efforts get the best results.

  • Once you enable online donations, Populi creates a Default donation page.
  • Pages include a visual captcha panel that appears only when there is a suspicious level of traffic hitting your donation forms. In all likelihood, your donors will never see it.
  • Click get embed code to generate an iframe code you can integrate into any of your other sites.
  • Below the embed code you'll have an option to get a QR code for the application form. People can use their smartphone's camera (or a QR scanner app) to scan the code and go directly to the application.
    1. Click Get QR Code.
    2. Modify the code's appearance as desired—you can change the color, add/remove the Populi logo, change the size, and change the module types.
    3. When you're ready, click Download.
    4. An .SVG file will download to your computer. You can then incorporate the QR code into any kind of printed matter.

Creating a new page

To create a new online donation page, start in either of these two spots:

  • Go to Settings > Pages and click Add a page.
  • Go to a campaign page and click add next to Online Donation Pages.

Then, fill in the settings:

Internal name

This lets you identify the page within Populi; donors will not see it. If you're creating multiple pages to match up with individual campaign appeals, the internal name is the best way to distinguish these pages at a glance. For example, if you have appeals called Donate Now Postcard and Donate Now Email, you might create two pages called DN Postcard and DN Email.

Page title & message

These optional items will be visible to donors visiting the page.


If you wish to connect this page with one of your campaigns, select it from the drop-down. You can then select from that campaign's appeals (if any) in another drop-down.


You can let your Donors choose from any of your funds, set a single fund to which they can donate, or allow them to choose multiple funds over which they can distribute portions of their donation.


Select the amount options available to your online donors. You have four options:

  • Any amount over: Enter the minimum donation amount for this page. Keep in mind the Minimum online donation amount in Settings > General.
  • Choose from preset amounts: Enter specific amounts for your donors to choose from. As you go, new fields will appear so you can add as many preset amounts as you need. When you’re done, just leave the last one blank.
  • One preset amount: Enter one specific amount for donors visting that page to donate.
  • Preset amounts OR any amount over: Lets you combine a number of preset amounts together with a minimum donation amount.

Thank you

Select a thank-you page option to show your donors after they submit a donation. You have three options:

  • Default: This directs donors to the standard, built-in Populi Thank you page, which simply says, “Thank you for your donation to [School Name]” and links to a donation receipt.
  • Message: Enter your own thank-you message; the donor will be directed to a page with this message and a link to a donation receipt.
  • Redirect: Enter a URL to which to send your donors after they submit their donation.

Additionally, an email containing a brief Thank-you and a link to the donation receipt will be sent to the email address supplied by the donor.

Custom CSS

Copy-paste CSS in the text area to give the page a similar look and feel to the website in which you're embedding it.

Send email receipt

Check this to automatically email the donor an electronic receipt. You can always send a receipt later on; the default and message thank-you pages also contain links to the receipt.

Donor comment

Check to give donors a comment box on the donation page.

Allow recurring

Check to allow your donors to create recurring monthly donations based on the options they choose on this page.

Payment Gateway Override

If you have more than one payment gateway set up, you can specify a different gateway for this page besides the one designated for donations in your payment gateway uses.

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