Step one: set up libraries and locations

Libraries and locations are where you keep your library resources, from which you loan them to patrons, and to/from which you arrange transits. Before you do anything else, you should at least add all of your libraries and locations; if need be, you can come back later to add things like library hours, etc.

At this point, your library is hidden from the main Populi navigation. You can get there one of two ways:

  • Library admin users can enter your school's Populi library URL right in your browser. It looks something like
  • Account administrators can find a link in Account > General > Customizations under Enable Library.

Adding a library

  1. Go to Library > Settings > Libraries.
  2. Click Add a library.
  3. Give the library a name.
  4. If you wish, you can enter a global due date—by this date, all resource loans from this library will be considered due. If you use this feature, you'll need to come back here every so often to update this field.
  5. Select an asset account for fine collections. A Financial Admin user will need to set up an account for this purpose.
  6. Libraries need at least one location in order to hold resources. Click add a location and give it a name. Repeat for each location in this library.
  7. If you wish, you can set hours for this library. These will display on the main search page that greets all patrons and users who visit your school's Populi Library page.
  8. When you're done, click Save.

Now that you've added this library and location(s), you have a spot for your resources to live.

Next steps: Start setting up loan policies.

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