Using the gradebook

You can enter grades in two places: on individual assignment pages, where you grade one assignment at a time, or in the Gradebook, where you can enter and edit grades for all of the course's assignments.


The Gradebook shows you all currently-entered grades for all assignments in your course, together with the final grade (whether in-progress or finalized).

  • The leftmost column lists your active enrolled students. This does not show auditors, withdrawn students, etc. The right-most column shows the in-progress/final grade. 
  • In between, the assignments display in due-date order going left to right. Beneath the assignment name are the points and then the student's score in points and as a percentage. Scroll left/right through the assignments using the scroll arrows.
  • Grades for test and attendance assignments automatically appear in the Gradebook as soon as they've been graded.


Grading assignments

Start by clicking Edit Grades. All of the grading fields will open up for editing.

  1. Click Enter Grades. The fields under Grade/Percent and Letter Grade will open up for editing.
  2. Enter the number of points the student earned under Grade/Percent. If a student earned 42 points on a 50-point test, enter 42—NOT 84! Populi will automatically generate the Percent and Letter grades for you based on the course program's grade scale.
  3. You can excuse a student from an assignment by typing "E" in the grade field.

Enter the grade in points, up to two decimal places.

When you're finished, click Save grades.

You can navigate around the grading fields using your mouse or the arrow keys on your keyboard.

So you don't lose your work, Populi automatically saves your grades every five minutes and warns you if you attempt to leave the page without saving your work.

Finalize course

Finalizing the course submits student grades to the registrar. You can also finalize the course on the Info tab or the Final Grade page.

Export XLS (when not finalized)

When not finalized, this creates a spreadsheet of the gradebook including:

  • Student names
  • Individual Assignments and any number grades already entered

After the course is finalized, this creates a spreadsheet of the entire gradebook including:

  • Basic course info—Course name and abbreviation, Section, Term, and Faculty
  • Student names
  • Individual Assignments and any number grades already entered
  • Final Grade

Import CSV

This is only available when the course is not finalized. It lets you upload a .CSV (MS Access) database into your gradebook. This is useful, for example, when you need to import grades from another grading system (say, a Scantron exam).

  1. Click Import CSV.
  2. Browse for the .csv file on your computer.
  3. Review the grades.
  4. Click Import to finish.
For a successful import:
  • The assignment names and student names in the .csv must match those in the Gradebook exactly—including spelling and order.
  • Your .csv columns must read thus: First Name, Last Name, and then your assignment name(s).
  • If you're creating a .csv to import from a program like Scantron, you need only export those three fields mentioned above.
  • If there are any differences between what Populi and the other software says, simply edit the .csv file (or, edit the spreadsheet and then save it as a .csv file after you're done).
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