There are three ways to take attendance for Populi courses (if you're looking to record online course participation, have a look at this article):

  • Your course Attendance view, which is covered in this article.
  • Using Populi's mobile apps (iOS or Android).
  • Letting students check in using the attendance kiosk.

You can use course attendance to affect a student's grade:

  • You can factor attendance into the student's final course grade.
  • If your school has a failure-for-non-attendance policy, the student's attendance grade (described in the above-linked article) will be used to calculate whether the student receives a failing grade for non-attendance (their assignment grades notwithstanding).

Course > Attendance

The Attendance calendar shows all of your course meeting times and any additional events you've added to your course calendar.

  • Purple Attendance blocks indicate that you haven't taken attendance for that meeting time.
  • Blue Attendance blocks indicate that you have taken attendance for that meeting time.
  • Each blue block shows attendance stats:
    • P: Students marked present
    • T: Tardy
    • A: Absent
    • E: Excused
  • You can select individual students from the drop-down to show only their stats in the calendar.

Taking Attendance

To take attendance:

  1. Click an attendance block.
  2. Next to each student, select the appropriate attendance status. You can also leave an attendance note.
  3. When you're done, click Save.

After taking attendance, you can return to the same attendance event at any time to edit the records or even delete the records you entered.

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