The Course Calendar

The course calendar shows you all the events that affect the course or students, including:

  • Meeting times (including canceled meetings)
  • Assignment due dates
  • Test availability windows
  • School closures
  • Any additional events added by the course faculty

Besides adding events (see below), you have these options for the calendar:

  • Print: Creates a PDF of the calendar
  • Settings: Choose how to display test availability and how to show events on the course dashboard

Adding events

Course faculty and teaching assistants, academic admins, and registrars can add individual events or meetings.

  1. Click Add event—or double-click the date on which you'd like to add an event.
  2. Enter the event's details (Summary, From/to Times); click More for more options, including Repeat, Alarm, and resource scheduling.
  3. Click Save when you're done.

After adding the event, it will be added to the course attendance calendar, as well as the calendars for any rooms, buildings, or resources mentioned in the event.

Editing events

You can edit any meeting on the course calendar, including regular meeting times created when adding the course or on the Course > Info view.

  1. Click the event you wish to change.
  2. Edit the details and click Save. (If you edit a regular meeting time, you can also save the changes for all future events, too.)
  3. You can also Delete the event or Cancel any regularly-occuring meeting time.
    • Deleted events are simply removed from the calendar.
    • Canceled events remain on the calendar, but display as Canceled. They are also removed from the Attendance view.

Subscription Links for Other Calendar Apps

You can copy links to subscribe to the course calendar from other calendar applications (Google Calendar, etc.).

  1. Click Subscribe.
  2. In the dialog, click to copy the URL.
  3. Paste the URL in the other calendar app's subscription dialog.

Should you ever need to, you can also open this dialog to Reset the subscription link. If you ever do this, you'll need to update any calendar apps that are subscribed to the course calendar.

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