Extra credit assignments

In this article, we'll have a look at extra credit assignments and assignment groups...

Adding extra credit assignments

You can add extra credit assignments at the assignment group level and at the individual assignment level. You can also edit existing assignments/groups.

When adding an assignment or group, check the box to indicate whether they’re extra credit. (If an assignment group is set to Extra Credit, every assignment in that group will be automatically marked as such.)

Grading extra credit assignments

Extra credit assignments are graded just like any other assignment. The magic happens when the assignment is included in the final grade calculation...

Assignment groups

When you make an assignment group extra credit, every assignment in that group becomes extra credit. Whatever grade weight you give that group will be available in addition to the course’s 100 percentage points.

For example, say your extra credit assignment group is worth 5%. If a student gets a perfect score in all of those assignments, she’ll earn an additional five points on her final grade. So, if she gets 100% on her regular assignments, her final grade will be 105%. If she scores 90% on all other assignments, then her final grade will be 95%.

Individual assignments

When you make an individual assignment extra credit:

  • If earned, those points will increase increase his grade
  • If missed, those points will not decrease his grade

For example, say your "Quizzes" assignment group carries 10% of the course. You have ten 10-point quizzes and one extra credit quiz—also worth 10 points. That gives you 110 potential points out of 100. What happens when a student takes all 11 quizzes?

If he gets 90 out of 100 on his regular quizzes, and scores 8/10 on the extra credit quiz, he’ll get 98% in that assignment group. If he gets 100 out of 100 on the regular quizzes and 5/10 on the extra credit quiz, he'll get 105% on the assignment group.

Consequently, that group will end up contributing 10.5% to the final grade—instead of just 10%. If he otherwise aces the course, he’ll get a grade of 100.5%.

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