Designing your test

In this article, you'll learn how to add the three kinds of test elements: headings, text, and questions.

  1. After setting up your test, click its name in the Tests view of your course.
  2. Each test has three views: Design, Preview, and History. You will rightly surmise that test design occurs in the Design view.
  3. To get started, click to add one of the three elements.
    • You can also import test sections from another section or term of this course, or from any other course for which you are listed as faculty.
  4. After adding the first element, click to see the links to add more elements.
  5. If you need to move elements around, click .

Headings & Text

Headings separate your test into different sections. For example: Essay Questions, Extra Credit, Hamlet, King Lear, etc. Text blocks help you provide explanation or context for your questions. For example, you might use one to sketch out a scenario to which the next few questions refer.

Adding these elements is excruciatingly difficult:

  1. Click Add Heading or Add Text.
  2. Enter the text.
  3. Click Save

Questions & Answers

Questions are a combination of the question and its answers/options. When you create a question, it is then available...

  • For use in the same course in future terms
  • In other sections of that same course
  • If enabled (by an Academic Admin), to be shared with other courses

You have a lot of options when adding questions to a test. In any case, you start by clicking Add Question.

Choose how you would like to add the question. You have four options:

After you've finished designing your test, your students can start taking it as soon as it's available. As soon as the first student has submitted her test, you can start grading.

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