Setting up Discussions

Discussions let you conduct online conversations with your students on course-related subjects in various places in your course. You can find all your course's discussions—in all their different statuses—in the Discussions view:

  • Available, future, closed, and deleted discussions
  • Graded and non-graded discussions
  • Draft and published discussions
  • Discussions attached to lessons

In the image above:

  • You can filter the Discussions view to Showall discussions, course discussions, or discussions attached to individual lessons.
  • Click the link at the bottom to show deleted discussions(if you've deleted any).
  • Drafting, Editing, and Revising (Week Twelve) is currently open. It has a total of 39 comments and/or replies. The discussion symbol is blue, which indicates that it has comments you've not read yet. It is a graded discussion due on February 7. One comment has been reported.
  • Creative Non-Fiction and New Journalism is in draft mode. If published, it will be available on April 25. It is attached to the Creative Non-Fiction lesson. It is a graded discussion.
  • Welcome to the Creative Writing Workshop has been closed for comments. At the time it closed, there were 102 comments. One comment has been reported.

Who can start a discussion?

Different kinds of users can create discussions:

    • Course faculty and teaching assistants: Faculty and TA's listed for the course have full access to all discussions, settings, permissions, and grading requirements (for graded discussions).
    • Academic Admins and Registrars: Likewise, so do Academic Admin and Registrar users.
    • Students and auditors: If you have allowed students to start discussions (in the Discussions setting on Course > Info view), then both enrolled and auditing students can start discussions (setting only the title and topic).

How to start a discussion

There are three ways to create new discussions in your course:

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    Dr. Beemer

    Brendan, you don't address the "post first" option.  Is this the option that requires the student to post his/her response before being able to see anyone else's post?  (If so, Hallelujah!)

  • 0
    Isaac Grauke

    Hi Matthew, you got it! Its number 8 under Discussions above.

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    Matt Gullett, Librarian

    Is it possible to create discussions that combine the participation from two courses, i.e., two separate class rosters? 

    Edited by Matt Gullett, Librarian
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