Why can't my students see their Assignment grades?


I have a student who wants to view her grades for a course that's still in process. She has completed a couple of assignments, and I (as well as others) were under the impression that she could view her grades for an individual assignment by going to the Course information page, then click on Assignments, then click the Assignment she wishes to view. This should take her to a page where they can see their grade (though not necessarily the actual test). However, this is not showing up for her. Any ideas? Here's the Course Number, if you wanna check it out: ENG101...


The Course Section she's in has the Progress setting set to Not visible to students. As it is now, none of the students in that section will be able to see their grades. You can change this by clicking Progress on the Course Info page and changing the setting to Visible to students. Once you do that, she (and all her classmates) will be able to see her Assignment Grades just fine.

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