Common Cartridge and Populi courses

Populi courses can connect with other LMS software using a variety of integrations and import/export options. This article covers Common Cartridge; here are the other options:

  • LTI Links let users in one system jump to other systems without a separate login or app; it also lets the two systems share pertinent information with one another.
  • Lessons let you incorporate Tin Can elements.
  • If your school uses the Canvas LMS, Populi has an integration with that system.

Populi's Common Cartridge (CC) features let you import content (lessons, files, tests, etc.) from another CC-compatible LMS for use in your Populi courses. You would use this method when you have course content stored in a Common Cartridge-compliant system (Moodle is a common example) that you wish to migrate into Populi. You can also export your Populi courses in the CC format.


When importing Common Cartridge files, remember that every LMS includes (and excludes) different data in their respective Common Cartridge exports. Populi can successfully import any valid Common Cartridge file, but it is of course limited by what is included on that file in the first place! If you have questions about what is included in your LMS' Common Cartridge export, please consult that system's documentation.

  1. Export the Common Cartridge file from your course (consult your LMS's documentation for how to do that).
    • Populi can import Common Cartridge files with the extension .zip or .imscc.
    • You can use Common Cartridge version 1.x (1.1, 1.2, etc...).
  2. Go to the Course > Settings view. At the top of the screen, click Common Cartridge and select Import.
  3. Locate the file you exported from your LMS and upload it.
  4. Review and select the materials you'd like to import.
  5. When you have all the desired materials selected, go to the top of the screen and click Import Records.
  6. Get back to your course by clicking Go back to what you were doing.


When exporting CC files from your Populi courses, please keep these limitations in mind:

  • CC does not support Populi's assignment types, and the assignments themselves won't be exported. However, graded discussions and tests—that is, CC-supported materials connected to assignments—can be exported.
  • The exporter will not export any files larger than 100MB.
  • The maximum size of the export is 500MB.
  • The export skips all video files.
  • If you have video or other large files in your course, download them separately.

Here's how to export CC files from your course:

  • Go to the Course > Settings view. At the top of the screen, click Common Cartridge and select Export.
  • Review the materials that will be exported. Items that are grayed out will not be included in the export (see above).
  • Click Export at the bottom of the dialog.
  • The file will download to your computer. Depending on how many files are included in the export, this could take a little time!
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